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2019 Symposium Speakers & Topics
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Attendees receive up to 5 CFP, CPA, CIMA CE credits based on sessions attended.  2 sessions also qualify for TDI CE.




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Keynote - Bridging the Relational Gap: How to Serve Married Clients with Relationship Challenges


Breakout - The Productivity Myth: Work/Life Balance

Travis Parry
Coach I Author I Speaker



Keynote: 1 CE



Practice Management

Does not qualify for CE

Dr. Travis G. Parry began his professional career as a financial advisor in 2002. After a series of life-changing events he invested in his education and earned several degrees in behavioral science to understand stress, personal development, and relationships. He coaches entrepreneurs and professionals to help them make time and connect with their family.

Keynote: Bridging the Relational Gap: How to Serve Married Clients with Relationship Challenges


Have you ever met with a married couple who showed signs of relationship problems? Most financial professionals do and most are not serving them well. This could cost the professional their relationship with their client, additional revenue, and could even cause harm to the couple. Dr. Parry presents the research behind the relational and financial gap and explains what every financial professional needs to know to help at-risk couples. Learn the key to helping to bridge this gap and how it could help improve your bottom-line.  This presentation provides financial professionals with a brief understanding of the relational finance gap and basic ways to help bridge this issue with married clients.



Breakout: The Productivity Myth: Work/Life Balance


Too many entrepreneurs and professionals are chasing the dream of so-called “Work/Life Balance” without being able to achieve it and financial professionals are no exception. While building and maintaining a thriving practice, financial planners can easily slide into working longer hours to keep up with the changing industry and client expectations which leads to spending less time with family. While most business systems focus on productivity, this rarely solves the problem by itself. Join us to learn the 5 Steps to overcome the stress of being overwhelmed with too many responsibilities at work and not enough personal time.






Keynote - How Real Retirement Spending Patterns Change Traditional Retirement Withdrawal Strategies


Breakout - Insights from the First Kitces Research Survey on the Real Financial Planning Process

Derek Tharp, Ph.D., CFP®, CLU
Lead Researcher, & Assistant Professor of Finance at the University of Southern Maine



Keynote: 1 CE



Practice Management

Does not qualify for CE

Derek Tharp is the lead researcher at and an assistant professor of finance at the University of Southern Maine. He earned his Ph.D. in personal financial planning at Kansas State University. In addition to writing at, Derek regularly contributes to the wealth management section of the Wall Street Journal’s Experts Blog. His research has been published in academic journals such as the Journal of Retirement and Journal of Personal Finance.

Keynote: How Real Retirement Spending Patterns Change Traditional Retirement Withdrawal Strategies


This presentation examines how real retirement spending patterns change traditional retirement withdrawal strategies. Specifically, commonly used retirement spending assumptions are compared to actual retirement spending patterns of retirees. This comparison reveals that typical assumptions of constant real spending often overstates retirement spending. As a result, common assumptions may overstate retirement savings need. Accounting for more realistic retirement spending results in higher safe withdrawal rates than prior research has typically indicated. Typical assumptions also fail to account for the potential to make adjustments in retirement that can keep a retirement spending plan on track.



Breakout: Insights from the First Kitces Research Survey on the Real Financial Planning Process


This presentation examines insights from the first Kitces Research survey on the real financial planning process. Specifically, this presentation examines topics such as the use of various financial planning technologies are related time spent in the financial planning process, the personality traits that are correlated with success as a financial planner, and what motivates financial planners psychologically. Additionally, broader industry issues are examined, including the gender pay gap and the divorce gap among financial planners. Practical insights and implications from the first Kitces Research survey on the real financial planning process are discussed.





Keynote - Honor the Sacrifice: Living a Life That Really Matters

Karen Vaughn
Author, National Speaker, Advocate for Veterans and a stronger, more resilient America



Practice Management

Does not qualify for CE






Karen Vaughn is the mother of fallen US Navy SEAL, Aaron Carson Vaughn (SEAL Team VI). On August 6, 2011 Aaron was killed in action in the Tangi River Valley of Afghanistan when a chopper (call sign Extortion 17) carrying thirty Americans was shot from the sky while rushing into battle. The day Aaron’s life ended Karen’s began again.  


Over the past seven years, Karen has emerged on the national scene as a powerful spokeswoman for not only our defenders still fighting on foreign soil and securing peace across the globe, but also as an advocate for a better, stronger, more resilient America.  Carrying on Aaron’s legacy has brought this Gold Star mother through the halls of Congress, into two National Press Conferences, onto dozens of national television sets and well over 100 national and local radio shows. She’s been featured on large stages across this country as a keynote speaker, including a prime-time guest speaker position during opening night of the 2016 Republican National Convention. 


Karen is the bestselling author of World Changer: A Mother’s Story, she serves as an advocate and national speaker for American Warrior Initiative and is also the vice president of one of the most influential non-profits in today’s culture…Moms for America.



Karen's powerful presentation will go over the four principles of living a life that actually matters, living a life that will leave a legacy, and understanding the cost of freedom; a price paid by few, which enables us to thrive.  What kind of character does it take to leave a legacy in your family, community, or work place?  This amazing keynote session will leave you with practical implementation of how to make legacy-impacting decisions.





Keynote - Rewirement: Improving Retirement Income Outcomes by Embracing Behavioral Finance Best Practices

Jamie Hopkins, Esq., LLM, MBA, CFP®, RICP®
Director of Retirement Research at Carson Wealth and Finance Professor of Practice at Creighton University's Heider School of Business



Keynote: 1 CE


Jamie Hopkins is the Director of Retirement Research at Carson Wealth and a Finance Professor of Practice at Creighton University's Heider School of Business, a former professor of Taxation at The American College, where he helped co-create the Retirement Income Certified Professional® (RICP®) education program.  Jamie is a Finance Professor of Practice at the Heider School of Business at Creighton University  Jamie strives to increase the retirement income security of Americans by delivering practical and trusted retirement research and education.  His most recent book, "Rewirement: Rewiring The Way You Think About Retirement," details the behavioral finance issues that hold people back from a more financially secure retirement.  He has been selected by InvestmentNews as one of the top 40 financial service professionals under the age of 40 and was also selected by The American Bar Association as one of the top 40 Young Attorneys in the country.

Keynote: Rewirement: Improving Retirement Income Outcomes by Embracing Behavioral Finance Best Practices

Americans are facing a huge retirement savings shortfall and don’t appear to demonstrate the knowledge level needed to turn their savings into sustainable retirement income as only roughly 25% of Americans near retirement age can pass a basic retirement income literacy quiz. But, it is not just a lack of literacy holding Americans back. Behavioral biases and heuristics like narrow framing and loss aversion are also creating significant roadblocks. Learn how to incorporate best practices around behavioral finance techniques and technology to help achieve better evidence-based retirement outcomes for your clients. This presentation will show you how you can rewire the way your clients think about saving for retirement to spending in retirement. 





Breakout Session - Going Beyond the Little Quiz: A Workshop to Improve Your Risk Profiling Process

Amy Hubble, Ph.D., CFA, CFP®
Principal Investment Advisor I Radix Financial, LLC



1 CE


Around the world, financial advisors are charged with "assessing a client's tolerance for risk." Something stated so simply, but somehow judged so poorly by professional advisors. In 2017, our team sampled over 200 global professional financial advisors, asking them to make a portfolio allocation   ecommendation between equity, fixed income, and cash for five hypothetical client scenarios. The results were astounding. Not only was a wide and inconsistent variance observed across financial advisors in the portfolios they recommended, but on average, financial advisors did little more than apply the classic “100age to equities” rule of thumb to their recommendations. This inconsistency in professional judgment applied by financial advisors is troubling, calling attention to the weaknesses in the tools currently being used to evaluate risk tolerance, regulatory oversight of fiduciary duty, and professional competence. This workshop will review the tools and methods currently on the market, consider issues around reliability and validity of assessment design, and discuss impractical results This interactive workshop style presentation not only attempts to address issues for discussion, but presents a new framework with which financial advisors can use to better choose and apply questionnaire results to their investment portfolio recommendations. Attendees will leave better equipped to evaluate commercial market tools, a process for which to determine appropriate portfolio asset allocation, and an appreciation for the difficulty in correctly assessing and combining objective goals, ability to take risk, and behavioral loss tolerance.

Dr. Amy Hubble is the founding principal at Radix Financial, LLC, an independent SEC-Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) firm serving individuals, families, and non-profits across the United States.

Amy spent her early career at an Oklahoma City-based independent trust company where she worked her way up to Senior Vice President and head of the personal trust relationship management team before leaving to found Radix in 2015. Amy specializes in research-based, long-term investment management.

In addition to her full-time work at Radix, Amy works as an international investment consultant for Helix Advisory Services in the Cayman Islands, provides clinical research and consulting for the Financial Planning Performance Lab at the University of Georgia, teaches in the CFP® Exam Review program for Wiley, serves on the Business Advisory Council for the Leftwich School of Business at Oklahoma Christian University, and sits on the board of the CFA Society of the Cayman Islands.

Amy is an active public speaker, published researcher, and financial educator--frequently appearing on television, podcast, and radio programs discussing issues surrounding personal finance and investments.  She is a frequent co-host of "Money Sense," a bi-monthly radio program airing in the Cayman Islands and has appeared in such media publications as: Forbes, USA Today, CNBC, MarketWatch, CNN Money, Investopedia, InvestmentNews, US News & World Report, and Kiplingers.

Most importantly, Amy has a passion for issues concerning global economics and poverty.  She serves on the board of directors and as treasurer for Heartbeat for Hope, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that works to reduce poverty in the small West African country of Ghana through literacy programs, vocational training, and microfinance.  To learn more please visit



Breakout Session - The Power of U.S. Life Insurance in Global Planning

Cara Moody, CLU®
Foreign National Insurance Consultant - Specialty Markets I Lincoln Financial Distributors



1 CE


Protect what matters most!  For years, you’ve focused on making sure your family had the financial security they needed. Now, as you look forward to the future, your priorities begin to shift. Life insurance can play an important role in helping you accomplish the things you want to achieve. During this session Cara will discuss the foreign national client opportunity; the role of U.S. life insurance in global planning; serving global clients; and will end with case examples.



Cara Moody serves as the Foreign National Insurance Consultant for Lincoln Financial Distributors, Inc. (LFD), the wholesaling distribution organization for Lincoln Financial Group.


In this role, Cara is focused on developing the Foreign National consumer base at Lincoln, driving life insurance sales and increasing Lincoln's overall marketplace value proposition.  As the Foreign National Insurance Consultant, Cara works together with local wholesalers as a direct resource for agencies, agents and advisors.  Her responsibilities include: helping with prospecting and partnering with Marketing to bring life insurance to Foreign National clients, answering questions about the Foreign National market, and providing case consultation through the underwriting and new business process.


Cara joined Lincoln in 2014 as part of the Insurance Solutions Distribution sales team, holding multiple roles of increasing responsibility to help drive life insurance sales.


Cara graduated from American University with a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs, and also worked at the French Embassy in Washington D.C., demonstrating her strong interest and experience in working with global clients.















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